Patricia A. Burke

Patricia Burke was an amazing woman who is best remembered for her beloved roles of being a wife, a Mom, a Grammie, a wonderful sister, a caring aunt, and a kind friend.  Family was the highest priority in Pat’s life.  She had six siblings whom she adored, and was married to Martin Burke. Pat and Marty were blessed with four children and raised them in the Chicagoland area. They were gifted ten beautiful grandchildren and Pat loved to share stories about her family and how proud she was of all their accomplishments.  In her eyes, her grandchildren were the most extraordinary children.  She loved to spend time with them and support their many activities. 

Two of the hobbies Pat enjoyed were cooking and sewing.  She loved cooking and trying new recipes for family events.  Whenever someone was sick or in need, she liked to show her support by cooking a meal for the family.  She felt a good home-cooked meal brought friendship, comfort, and healing.  Pat found great joy designing clothes and making hand-made treasures for her family. 

Another important part of Pat’s life was her faith and she cherished how it helped to shape her life.  Her beliefs extended to education where she felt it was important that all of her children received a quality education. Pat always encouraged her children and grandchildren to pursue their goals and passions.  She firmly believed that the foundation to achieve your dreams was a very strong education.  As a mother and grandmother, Pat thrived on being as involved in the day-to-day classroom and extra-curricular activities as possible. She felt that education provided numerous opportunities and opened doors to every individual’s future and knew that investing time with children was crucial to their future success.    

Pat had a wonderful life full of family, friends and faith. Her memory lives on with the many successes of her children and grandchildren, of whom she was always so extremely proud of.