Paul Salce

Paul Salce

Paul Salce was a fun, generous and loving man who took great pride in caring for anyone who came into his life, even strangers. 

Paul was first generation from Italy, born July 16, 1931 to Paolo and Maria Salce. He had two sisters and two brothers, two who died at a very young age. Paul’s father came to America to seek a good life for his family, which he did. His father was injured at a young age and was left with one leg. This didn’t stop him from building a great and successful construction company doing most of his business for the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. 

Paul often spoke passionately about his father. Paul Salce watched and listened to his father and became a strong, fair and generous businessman as well and eventually started a similar company of his own, also working with the City of Chicago. 

Paul loved his business but his greatest joy was his family. He married the love of his life Claudia in 1955 and called her his bride till the day he died. He fathered three beautiful children Paul, Lynne, and Holly that he was very proud of and have all become successful just like their father. By those three children, Paul was blessed with eight grandchildren. 

Paul was a person of great character with a sense of humor that could not be beat. He could make you laugh at your own funeral. His practical jokes were priceless and the stories of his past he would tell and make you feel like you were there. His trademark however, was Parodi Cigars. He would measure distance by how many Parodis it would take to get there. He was seldom seen without a cigar in his mouth, even if it was unlit. 

When Paul Salce passed away it left a great void to many, many people. We are thankful that we have the memories of Paul so that we can keep laughing just by thinking about him. We are also thankful for his children and grandchildren who have many of his personality traits, to keep as constant reminders of a wonderful man who once walked this earth.